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  Reporting Tools:

Crystal Reports® is a great tool for designing selection-based reports and form letters. Here are a few examples of reports we've been requested to design in Crystal Reports®: Lease Abstract, Custom Rent Rolls, Three Day Notices, Work Orders, Late Notices, Job Costs, Vendor Labels, Tenant Interest on Deposits, Detail Expenses, Check Book Balances, AP Cash Requirement, Rent Increases, AP Distributions, Vendor Insurance Certification Letters, and many more.

The learning curve for Crystal is rather steep, but the pay off is worth it if you need to create a lot of reports. Although a number of our clients will learn how to use Crystal Reports®, they often end up hiring us to actually create the reports or help them get jump-started with initial designs. If you have a report in mind, please email us the specifications or a sample output and we can give you an idea of what it would take to create.

Cumulus is an Excel Add-in that pulls information dynamically from SKYLINE into your spreadsheet. Although both Cumulus and Crystal can overlap in the types of reports you can produce, generally you would want to use Cumulus for creating custom financial statements. If you're creating financial statements and other types of reports in Excel and are curious to find out if Cumulus is the way to go, please contact us and we can give you our opinion.