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  Skyline Macros:

More and more users are discovering that they can easily go paperless with SKYLINE. Long gone are the days of printing, collating, stapling and sending report packages in the mail to owners and investors. The vast majority of SKYLINE reports can effortlessly be saved as PDF files. Financial statements and narratives can also be printed to PDF files using Acrobat Distiller or inexpensive/free third party packages, such as PDF995. Simply save your month-end reports in an organized directory structure. The reports in each folder can then be compiled into one PDF file and emailed. This will not only save considerable time, money and resources but also give you the ability to quickly locate and print or preview historical reports.

We can help you go a step further by scripting a keyboard macro to fully automate your month-end reports. In some cases, we can reduce it down to a single mouse click. Macros can be very effective in reducing or eliminating time consuming and repetitive tasks.

If you would like to see a demonstration of Automation Anywhere tailored to SKYLINE, please contact us.